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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About KIDS HOPE USA

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As mentors, prayer partners and Directors, it’s easy to forget that outside of our Church or school community, that there are over 21,000 additional mentors doing exactly what we do every single week of the school year: meeting with a student to encourage them, love them and give them hope. That’s why we thought you might enjoy finding out 10 things about Kids Hope USA that you likely did not know!

1) Today, there are over 3,000 public elementary schools waiting for a church to partner with them through Kids Hope USA. (That’s nearly 51,000 children!)

2) 90% of Kids Hope USA programs go above and beyond just mentoring at their partner school. This could include supporting teachers, providing material resources or helping families of Kids Hope USA students.

3) The average mentoring relationship lasts two academic school years. And it is very, very rare that it ends because a mentor needs to leave. Relationships typically only disperse if a student moves away from their current school.

4) 99% of teachers feel their students benefit from Kids Hope USA mentoring.

5) The average number of students that a Church program mentors during a year is 17. (However, there are some programs that have over 80 mentor-student partnerships!)

6) 74% of Kids Hope USA mentors are 45 or older. The largest group of mentors being between 55-64. So, what we’re saying is our retirees are wonderful and we are so thankful for their willingness to help! (Yes, we love our younger mentors, too!)

7) Each time a new Kids Hope USA Church is signed on, Kids Hope USA as an organization must fundraise $4-$5,000 to completely cover the cost of training/equipping this program. Which is why we are so grateful for our donors!

8) The three most common questions a student asks their mentor are, “Who else do you see besides me?”, “Are you coming back next week?”, and “How much do you get paid to do this?” – the answers are: “No”, “Yes,” and “$0.”  

9) Kids Hope USA was started in 1994 after Virgil Gulker, the founder, went to child-care experts in education, health and human services, to law enforcement, to volunteer services and to religious leaders and asked the question, “What could churches do to make the greatest difference in the lives of America’s at-risk children?”

10) Despite being a big job, the average Kids Hope USA Director works just 10 hours a week during the school year. 

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