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A crucial part to Kids Hope USA’s model is the behind-the-scenes Prayer Partner. This individual faithfully prays for the mentoring relationship each week – and oftentimes, more than that. They not only serve as a prayer warrior, but also an accountability partner and encourager to the mentor.
Below are some suggestions for you as a Prayer Partner to be specific in your prayers for the mentoring relationship.

Pray that your Partnering Mentor is given wisdom and discernment during their mentoring time.

When tough questions or frustrating situations arise, Mentors can use a lot of prayer. Ask for specific struggles the student may be facing and pray that their mentor is able to have patience, use wise words and be an encourager to the student. You can also pray that the mentor has discernment for what may be the underlying issue that a student is facing or struggling with. Sometimes it’s hard for mentors to see past the reaction that they are receiving from a student, when in reality the behavior is rooted much deeper.

Pray for the student’s heart.

This prayer can be tailored in very specific ways toward what you understand the student is struggling with. Is it trust? Anger? Lack of confidence? Misunderstanding at their situation in life? Whatever it may be, pray that the student’s heart would be filled with God’s love through the mentor. You can pray that, if the student is experiencing brokenness in some way, that God would mend their heart and bring them peace and hope. How amazing to think that as your partnering Mentor is sharing hope and love, you are also asking God to fill that child’s heart with hope and love in a way that only He can do.

Pray for the student’s family.

Just because a student is part of the Kids Hope USA program, it doesn’t mean that their family isn’t doing their part in investing in their child. Many parents and families are doing everything they can to help their child succeed, and a Mentor is just another way to do that. So whether the student’s family is highly engaged or pretty disconnected – pray for the family as they raise their child. No family is exempt from the normal struggles we face in this world, and covering that student’s family in prayer is another way to cover that student with God’s love.

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