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Jason’s Trophy

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The following story is submitted by a Kids Hope USA Mentor. Jason had just started mentoring this fifth grade student, which is why he felt this moment was so special:

William and I were working on our Christmas project for our Kids Hope USA prayer partner, which involved tracing our hands and then cutting them out.

I traced William’s hand out first and while he was cutting out his hands I traced my own.

While I was cutting out my hands, William took the construction paper that he had left over and told me it was a trophy. He then started drawing and writing on his trophy and while doing that was asking me some questions. I did not give it much thought because it was questions about spelling.

When I finished my hands, William showed me what he had done, and when I saw it and he explained it to me, it was all I could do to contain my joy.

Once the mentoring session was over I called my Kids Hope USA Director and told her about what had taken place. William showed me the back of his trophy first and it said:

To: Jason, From: William

When I turned it over he had wrote on the front “Jason is my best friend” and he had drawn a necklace on the top part with the abbreviation: “B. F. F. s, Best Friends Forever.”

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