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Mayor of Hoffman Estates, IL, honors Kids Hope USA

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KIDS HOPE USA receives proclamation from Mayor of Hoffman Estates, William D. McLeod, in lieu of National Mentoring Month

This month, Mayor of Hoffman Estates, William D. McLeod, honors KIDS HOPE USA by presenting their local programs with the proclamation of National Mentoring Month.

“KIDS HOPE USA is incredibly honored to be highlighted through this proclamation,” said Annette Forster 2010Annette Forster, who serves as KIDS HOPE USA’s Partnerships Director for the state of Illinois. “It’s very special to us as an organization. The first school in Hoffman Estates that chose to launch a KIDS HOPE USA program to serve its students still functions as a strong program today. It’s a huge accomplishment, and we are thrilled to be able to serve the community through mentoring children who truly need the extra attention.”

The Mayor’s proclamation asks the community’s residents, leaders and business owners to join in the observance of National Mentoring Month by incorporating mentoring activities into their daily lives and workplace. He also asks community members to get involved in national advocacy work in order to promote roof-replacement-hoffman-estatesmentoring for young people.

This month, KIDS HOPE USA will also be featured in Hoffman Estates, “Heart of Hoffman” video series. The feature will allow two principals, the superintendent of the district and a KIDS HOPE USA Director to share how the mentoring program has impacted children and the school body as a whole.

“Hoffman Estates is a special place for KIDS HOPE USA. We have programs in nine out of Hoffman Estates’ eleven elementary schools, and one out of their two middle schools. There’s nearly 150 children that meet with a caring adult mentor every week at school, and it couldn’t happen without the teamwork of the school district, community and partnering churches,” said Forster, “KIDS HOPE USA is all about reaching children with hope and love, and this proclamation gives us a chance to celebrate that!”

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