With deliberate effort, life can change.

And all people were created to be together, in relationships.

So we blend both truths into one hope-fueled description of what we seek to do and how we do it: Life Together.

A uniquely equipped mentor, supported by a highly engaged prayer partner, and enabled by a scholarship provider can change the world.

One little world at a time.

Life Together Relationship Roles


Recommended by the school, a young boy or young girl develops trust in a mentor at his/her own pace. Once his/her heart opens to a relationship, the student explores and engages in simple personal growth activities custom selected for his/her needs. Every student is treasured, worthy of love and pursuit, and possesses the ability to persevere and change to more fully thrive in life.


A volunteer willing to share his/her most precious commodity; time. Convinced that a student’s life can change when give the chance within the context of a reliable relationship, a mentor provides the love of presence and the hope of a better tomorrow. together, with a prayer partner, a metnor’s deepest desire is to see a difference.

Prayer Partner

A volunteer committed to making consistent, steadfast appeals to heaven on behalf of a student and mentor. Through shared commitment to a student, the prayer partner provides accountability to a mentor. A prayer partner hungers to know what to pray for and rejoices over prayers answered. Data shows a highly engaged prayer partner dramatically impacts a student.

Scholarship Provider

A heart that overflows with gratefulness to God will share a small amount of monthly support for a student to participate in a Life Together relationship. Convicted that enabling such a relationship is a critical role that someone must fill, a provider pledges consistent support motivated by knowing that a sustained relationship will change a student’s life. While the Provider role can be a separate person, either a prayer partner or mentor can also play this part and, thus, have a dual role in the Life Together relationship.

President & CEO David Staal explains the need for a provider.

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