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Mentoring Moments – March 2017

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Celebrating the highlights so that together, we can be inspired to continue reaching out to those around us and bringing light into each other’s lives.

“Today is my mentee’s birthday. I showed up with purple, pink and white cupcakes. Lots of them. She jumped up and down and said, “I thought you would forget!” Her boy classmate nonchalantly stated, “She’s your mentor. They always show up.” WOW. What a privilege to be known as a ‘constant’ in their life accompanied with the weight of being the ‘constant’ in their life.”

– Sara VanLaan, Kids Hope USA Mentor

“I had a reunion with my mentee last week. We were together for 4 years in elementary school and she has moved on to middle school. I was wondering if she would show up, because her mom has a history of not letting her stay after for parties, but she did! We had a great time catching up. I was able to walk her out to the car and meet her mom for the very first time. It was great to be with my mentee again and see that she is doing well!”

– Tanya Kittle, Former Kids Hope USA Mentor

“My 5th grader is reticent with his feelings. (This is our second year together and I am his second mentor due to a move.) We were shopping for a family we had “adopted” for Christmas through a local program. He asked, “Are you going to be my mentor again next year?” I responded, “I will be here with you as long as you need me.” One of my prayers has been answered.”

– Richard McKenzie, Kids Hope USA Mentor

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