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My Mentor, Ed

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The following is a letter from a Kids Hope USA Mentor who was touched by what was shared by his Kids Hope USA student at their school:

During our Kids Hope USA end-of-year picnic at our church, the following message was placed on the wall of the “Tunnel of Knowledge”. This was drafted by Stephen with correct spelling, composition, and given to his regular 5th grade school teacher to type.

By: Stephen

“Today, I would like to write about Ed.

To me, Ed is the best mentor ever. He is really fun and he always has fun with me. Ed is also a good listener, so when I have a problem, I can just tell him and I always feel a lot better. Some days, when I am having a good week, he gives me a reward.

I really like when I get to relax with him. I especially like when we play chess because chess is really fun. A few times, I have pushed him to a draw but I’ve never been able to beat him. It is my goal to beat him one day.

Ed has also helped me memorize the states and capitals, like Columbus, Ohio, Austin, Texas, and Frankfort, Kentucky. He is very intelligent and some day I wish that I could be just like him. Ed makes a tremendous difference in my llife and I am grateful that I know him.”

Thank you to all of the mentors, just like Ed, who continue to make a difference in children’s lives week after week!

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