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KIDS HOPE USA launches the “Show Up and Give Hope” campaign inviting you to be part of reaching our country’s children with hope and love. 

This month, which is appropriately “National Mentoring Month,” Kids Hope USA launches into a three-year fundraising campaign in order to raise $4.5 million so that hundreds of additional Kids Hope USA programs can launch across the United States, reaching thousands of additional children.

Our nation’s children need a greater dose of adults in their lives. Adults who listen. Adults who encourage. Adults who show up.

The evidence is unmistakable. The example of a committed, caring adult makes a lasting impression. Mentorship not only increases attendance, grades, and graduation rates, thereby boosting the academic performance of youth who need the attention. It also instills confidence, and above all, hope. They learn to believe in themselves. These lessons stay with them long after they’ve forgotten long division and who the seventh president was.

Help Us Meet the Demand 

The Show Up and Give Hope Campaign is a three year annual giving initiative to raise funds on a consistent basis, to support the work of Kids Hope USA and reinforce the power of one-on-one mentorship.

Kids Hope USA has grown to over 1,200 church-school partnerships. When all programs fully operate, together we will reach over 21,000 children!

And yet the need remains great, and so much more can be done to make a difference in the lives of kids across the nation. Schools are clamoring for this unique solution! The teachers and principals who spend all day, every day with kids are the ones requesting the Kids Hope USA program. With more than 2,500 elementary schools on the waitlist for a Kids Hope USA program, over 42,500 children who could use a mentor will be served by Kids Hope USA – but only if we raise the necessary investments.

Join the Campaign Now!

For more than twenty years, Kids Hope USA has been a trusted builder of bridges between caring adults and children who need encouragement and hope. With our simple, effective formula, everybody wins.

Your gift allows us to reach more children. Every new supporter, every extra dollar, increases your impact.

Five Ways to Show Up and Give Hope:

  1. Make an unrestricted monthly gift to support Kids Hope USA as an organization.
  2. “Care Pool” with a friend. we will send them a personalized invitation to give.
  3. When you give online, you can set up monthly donations or choose a period and amount that is right for you. Click Here for More Information
  4. Including Kids Hope USA in your state planning is one of the most thoughtful and meaningful ways to demonstrate your commitment to this cause. Click Here for More Information
  5. Whatever your gift size, let your friends and family know about it. We rely on our community of donors to bring even more supporters to the mission. Use Facebook, Twitter and every other social media platform to tell the world you care about our nation’s kids.

Give Now! 100% of your gift is tax deductible! Donate by Clicking Here

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