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A Mentor-Student Story: Roxanne and Jasmin

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“I just remember her walking out, all hunched up, her hood covering her curls.” Roxanne reminisces about the first time she met Jasmin in third grade, “She was so quiet. But I just kept asking questions, and as the hour went on her hood came off and I just couldn’t believe she was hiding all of this beautiful hair under there!”

Roxanne looked at Jasmin lovingly and they both laugh. Jasmin is no longer a second grader sitting next to her, but a beautiful young woman.

Now 18 years old, Jasmin just graduated high school this past spring. She and Roxanne still meet together every Tuesday and go through a Bible study together.

“I remember being very nervous when we were supposed to meet,” Jasmin says, describing her memories of meeting Roxanne for the first time, “I just knew that I was supposed to meet this person, and that it was someone like what my siblings had while they were in elementary school.”

One of seven children, Jasmin’s mother had recommended her for the program. After she saw the impact it had on Jasmin, she also recommended the younger children be involved. “I guess that she thought it would be cute or something…” Jasmin laughs to herself, “for all of us to have a mentor.”

Jasmin was very shy as a second grader – it would take a very special person to draw her out of her shell. And Ms. Roxanne had a great part to play in making that happen.

“It was so wonderful to see her blossom as she grew up,” Roxanne said, “She is so sweet. We loved playing games and talking. I continued to ask a lot of questions!”

As Jasmin grew older, it was natural for their relationship to continue past fifth grade. Roxanne developed a good relationship with Jasmin’s mother, who allowed Jasmin to go and hang out with her on a weekly basis.

“I had two children who were around Jasmin’s age,” Roxanne explains, “Which means that sometimes hanging out meant going to a cross country meet or running around doing errands!”

But it didn’t matter to either of them, as long as they had some time with each other.

“We were able to bond through our experiences with our fathers,” Roxanne notes, “Our fathers both loved us very much, and we had a lot of similarities in learning how to understand them, and that they were always trying to their best for us.”

“Roxanne has helped me in a lot of ways,” said Jasmin, “She is amazing, loving and caring.”

The bond between these two women is clear. They truly care about each other – and you can see the years of friendship that have brought them together.

“If I had to describe Jasmin,” said Roxanne, “I would say that she is loyal. That she is kind-hearted. That she is strong and perseverant.”

Two people who may have never crossed paths if it wasn’t for a program called Kids Hope USA, now standing on a lifetime friendship that will continue on for years to come.


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