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“Thank you for partnering with us!” From a School

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The following letter was sent to the partnering Church to Shadow Forest Elementary school in Texas. What a unique partnership between this public elementary school and local neighborhood church – one that many wouldn’t dream could exist today!

To Ms. Rubin and Kids Hope USA Volunteers:

As we end another school year where we have been fortunate enough to have your church members act as mentors, prayer partners and coordinators, we wanted to take the time to let you know how much we value being in partnership with your congregation. The mentors are so dedicated to each of their students and it shows in the relationships that they have built with each and every one.

The students feel safe, secure and loved by each of their mentors. Their faces light up with expectation each time they see their special friend. So many of these students have dramatically improved their conduct, self-esteem, academics, and confidence. One hour a week may not seem like much, but to each and every one of these students, it’s the most important hour of their week.

Ms. Rubin is absolutely the very best Director! She is passionate about loving our staff, the mentors and each of the students involved. She is constantly proactive about possible day/time conflicts, subs for mentors who can’t make it, has her own student that she mentors, and even plans special treats and goodies for our entire staff. She is an angel in disguise. The program would not be where it is without her dedication and leadership.

Thanks to each and every member of your congregation for being willing to have the Kids Hope USA program be a part of your church, for praying for the students and mentors and for help with donations and goodies. Even those in the background are creating invaluable memories and relationships for our staff and students.

Thanks for partnering with us! We look forward to another great 2017-2018 school year.


School Counselor and Principal at Shadow Forest Elementary

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