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The following is from an incarcerated parent of a Kids Hope USA student to the partnering church that supports his child’s school:

“It’s been about a year since I’ve written to you guys. I’ve had some ups and downs during that time. I want to tell you all ‘Thank You.” All of the cards and words of encouragement. Wow! They have really been an inspiration to me. I put each card up on the wall. I lay back and look at each one of them. It literally amazes me the feeling that comes to me. Love. It’s beautiful, awesome and great.”

From the mother of two Kids Hope USA students:

“My twins have Kids Hope USA mentors and have for about three years now! They love it and so do I. What a blessing you all are to these children. May you be blessed for many more years to come. Thank you again.”

From the mother of a Kids Hope USA student:

“My daughter has been with Kids Hope USA for the past two years and she enjoys the time she spends with her mentor and they have helped her so much. It’s a wonderful program and I’m really happy to have my daughter be part of it.”

From a mother of a Kids Hope USA Student:

“My son has worked with a mentor. He has been with him for two years. This program is the best and offers such awesome support to my boy!”

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