Celebrating 25 Years
Kids Hope USA
An expanding national network of school-church partnerships that provide inspiring mentor relationships for students. One child. One mentor. One hour. Together.
Witness life-change when a student receives hope and love. Share the precious value of a personal friendship. One hour of life together is life at its best.

Connecting One-on-One with Students

In Person Mentoring

In-person mentoring at the school will continue to be an option for some programs this year. Even programs that begin with an alternative form of mentoring (online or pen pals) may transition to our traditional model as conditions improve.

Pen Pal Mentoring

Mentoring pen pals is a great way for children to know their mentor is still in their corner, cheering them on and investing in their life either through written or digital (email) communication with the school being the pass through for sending out and receiving correspondence.

Online Mentoring

Mentoring online reassures students that mentors still care and are making every effort to remain connected. Two online mentoring options are offered: School-based and Home-based.


Church-School partnerships give hope to children through caring and consistent relationships. And hope is powerful! 

Building Life-Changing Relationships

For over 25 years, Kids Hope USA has provided a proven, life-changing program through church-school partnerships that train and equip mentors to reach kids in public schools who are in-need of caring, reliable, one-on-one relationships. 

We provide structure, training, support, and resources designed for use in public schools by churches to give kids what they need most—hope and love from a mentor.

Together, we can make a life-long difference. In every school, in every community. One young heart at a time. Let’s do this in yours.


Schools know the difference relationships make.

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Churches want to make a difference through relationships.

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