Life Together is life at its best

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Kids Hope USA
An expanding national network of public school-church partnerships that provide inspiring mentor relationships for students. One child. One mentor. One hour. Together.
Witness life-change when a student receives hope and love. Share the precious value of a personal friendship. One hour of life together is life at its best.
...for Atlanta students, Taylor Elementary School and 12Stone Church see lives changing.

What kids need most.

Too many students stand just one close adult relationship away from thriving in school and in life. This gap hinders education; loneliness obstructs learning. Yet every church’s most abundant resource is people.

We provide structure, training, support, and resources designed for use in public schools by churches to give kids what they need most—hope and love from a mentor.

Together, we can make a life-long difference. In every school, in every community. One young heart at a time. Let’s do this in yours.

Life Together is…

A new set of mentor-student tools designed to make a life long difference.

 …life at its best!

School-located, church-operated; together for kids.


Schools know the difference relationships make.

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Churches want to make a difference through relationships.

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What real experts say…

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