Kids Hope USA Mentor Program

Developed for use in public schools.

  • Programs strictly adhere to separation of church and state. 
  • Church partners cover all program costs and the program requires minimal school staff investment.
  • Schools and parents identify and give permission for students to participate.  
  • Mentors support the emotional and social development of students through the power of relationships. 
  • Mentors commit to volunteering one hour during the school day, once a week, for the entire school year.  
  • Mentors are recruited, screened, trained, and supervised by KHUSA church director.

Implemented by churches.

  • Churches bless their community by serving in real and tangible ways. 
  • Churches are filled with people who understand what it means to be faithful, caring, and share unconditional love, and they long to serve their neighbors.  
  • Mentoring supports families, teachers, and all those invested in helping children thrive. 
  • By investing in students and schools, churches build and support community relationships. 
  • Churches acknowledge they are guests of the school and commit to respecting the separation of church and state.

Success From the Start

Kids Hope USA provides comprehensive training programs (all available online) for every role. The time spent learning during training equips a leader to launch and run a program. You will be contacted to meet either in person or over the phone prior to the start of training.

Kids Hops USA Mentor App

“This school-based mentoring program has a positive impact on student achievement.”

Dr. Steven Gutierrez (Area Superintendent, Houston ISD), The Impact of School-Based Mentoring On Student Achievement
and School Engagement in Elementary Aged At-Risk Students
published by the University of Houston College of Education

Kids Hope Next

middle school mentoring

Kids Hope USA NEXT is an extension of an existing Kids Hope USA program that allows mentoring to continue into middle school. If you are an existing program and would like your church to continue to mentor students who will attend middle school, contact us.

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