Kids Hope USA
Mentor Program

Through a Kids Hope USA mentor program, students meet once a week for one hour with a mentor – someone who is there just for them. This one-on-one attention of another caring and consistent adult in a student’s life makes a difference!

Developed for public schools

  • Adherence to separation of church and state
  • Church partners cover all program costs, requiring minimal school staff investment
  • Mentors are thoroughly screened, trained and supervised by the program director

Implemented by churches

  • Opportunity to bless the community by serving in real and tangible ways
  • Mentors acknowledge they are guests of the school and commit to respecting the program
  • Building community relationships that support students to thrive

Connect with us to learn more about beginning and supporting a Kids Hope USA mentor program at your church.


“Kids Hope USA is a really well-developed, simple system for both entry level and seasoned volunteers to plug into.”

– Kids Hope USA pastor

When you engage your congregation in intentional mentoring relationships with students at your local elementary school, the positive influence extends to your church community.

This engagement of your church community offers:

  • Visible outreach opportunities in your community, with open doors to engage other ministries.
  • A way for new volunteers to get involved in the church community.
  • Spiritual growth for mentors and prayer partners in building relationships that are wrapped in prayer.



Kids Hope USA helps to connect elementary schools and partner Christian churches, providing structure, training, support, and resources designed for use in public schools.


The church partner appoints a program director who is trained to lead volunteers and serve as a point of contact.


The church recruits volunteer mentors and prayer partners. Each volunteer completes an application, is interviewed and approved by the pastor. Each mentor is required to pass a background check.


Program director and school administration match mentors and students.


Mentors and students meet once a week for one hour during the school day.

Success From the Start

Before mentors and directors step foot in the elementary school to mentor, they engage in thorough and practical training. And, with the dedicated support of our program team, directors are provided one-on-one assistance from beginning their training, starting to mentor and continuing to build these transformative relationships.

Learn more about the training process by connecting with us.

 “I love mentoring because not only am I helping someone else, but I have been blessed as well. I have learned how to be a better person, mother and friend.”

– Kids Hope USA Mentor

The need for caring, consistent adults in children’s lives goes beyond elementary school. Kids Hope USA NEXT is an extension of an existing Kids Hope USA program that allows mentoring to continue into middle school.

If you are part of an existing program and would like to continue mentoring students as they go into middle school, connect with your program specialist.

Kids Hope USA is excited to explore partnerships with Christian organizations who are passionate about building one-on-one relationships to support the community. As part of a pilot program, we’re inviting employees to go out into their local community to serve in this national mentoring movement.

If your organization is interested in learning more about the opportunities to step into meaningful relationships through mentoring, connect with us!

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