20 Reasons My Kids Hope USA student is GREAT!

My Kids Hope USA kid is great because…

IMG_22031. She is sweet, always has a great attitude, is considerate of others and helps everyone before she thinks of herself. She always brightens my day.
2. She is friendly to other students.
3. She always has so much perseverance and motivation in school and outside activities.
4. He dreams big.
5. She cares about her a lot about her close friends.
6. She loves her Kids Hope shirt.
7. She has quite the sweet tooth…and a sweet heart!
8. Of all of the goofy stories she shares with me every week.
9. She loves to be creative and think of new ways to play games.
10. He has lots of energy, has fun stories to tell me and he smiles.
11. After three years, she is letting down some walls and sharing much more about her feelings than ever before!
12. He is fun to play games with and has a heart of gold.
13. She makes me laugh and she gives me big hugs.
14. He has a great imagination and tells wonderful stories.
15. He genuinely wants to make others feel included.
16. He is very helpful to those in need.
17. She is sweet and kind to others.
18. He is smart, a good listener, loves to play games and is fun to be with.
19. She is very compassionate.
20. He isn’t afraid to talk in front of people.


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