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20 Reasons My Mentor is GREAT! Part 2

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My Mentor is GREAT because…Perspective_coverimage

1. He lets me use his pencils and he brings games to play.
2. She is nice.
3. We talk and laugh and we talk about our families.
4. She comes to see me every week.
5. He is awesome.
6. She is a good reader and she reads with me.
7. He is thoughtful and cares about me.
8. She is kindhearted and generous.
9. She is kind, caring and likes me for who I am.
10. He is athletic.
11. She is pretty and caring.
12. She is truthful.
13. She is always positive and grateful.
14. He helps me with stuff.
15. Every Tuesday she brings something new in.
16. She is nice and kind.
17. He keeps coming back.
18. She plays with me and brings me fruit to eat.
19. He plays basketball with me.
20. She puts me before herself.


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