20 Reasons My Mentor is Great! (Part 1)

IMG_9793To all of the wonderful mentors out there, be encouraged. In kid-language, you ARE making an impact and they appreciate all you do!

My Mentor is GREAT because…

1. We play all day and she teach me to do the monkey bars.
2. We read together.
3. He is really funny.
4. He is good at sports and nice.
5. She helps me with stuff I need to work on and because we play games together.
6. He helps me learn my school-work.
7. She does not get mad when I beat her at games and we eat pizza.
8. She is kind and nice. She helps me. She is fun.
9. She is really nice, special to me, helpful when I’m frustrated, a good tutor, and always proud of me.
10. She helps me with work that Mrs. Cunningham gives me.
11. She teaches me to obey.
12. She’s generous, fun and helpful!
13. She is a wonderful lady, nice, kind, sweet, and beautiful! She is the kind of person that I love.
14. He cares about me because he talks to me and we get to do stuff.
15. He taught me that it’s important to be nice. When I grow up I want to be helpful to kids too.
16. He is cool, nice, sweet, friendly, and happy. He is the kind of person who is very giving.
17. He is like a dad to me!
18. She taught me that I should get an education, have good friends, and be a nice gentleman!
19. He treats me kindly.
20. We go outside and talk.



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