20 Years of Hope and Love (Our Backyard)

“Wow, 20 years in God’s service means stability, love, hope, and commitment! Any organization that can maintain and show such drastic improvement and increases in their volunteer base is doing something powerful and is making an impact. It seems that a commitment to volunteer is becoming more and more obsolete even though our churches and schools are trending towards a higher level of need. There are so many children with emotional needs while teachers have less time to spend with individuals. Thank God for organizations like Kids Hope that are making a difference in children, schools, communities, and families! The Great Commission says to go out and serve – Kids Hope has given us this avenue to do just that. What a great structured program that makes following the rules and preparing our volunteers so easy. This program not only touches the hearts of children, but as always, blesses the ones who volunteer even more. Thank you KIDS HOPE USA for bringing our mission field to our own backyards!”

This testimonial was submitted by Karen Claunch KHUSA director for Crosby United Methodist Church in Crosby, TX.

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