A Case for Confidence Part 2

Confidence serves as a key motivator and catalyst in life. Learning and growing require a willingness to take steps forward, to take a chance, to stretch. As child psychologist Dr. Emilie DeYoung says, “Confidence enables a student to move through circumstances in order to thrive in life.”

Yes, every kid needs confidence. However, Kids Hope USA students need even more.

How can you tell?

A lack of confidence proves easy to spot if you truly look. So many of our kids have bright eyes when they spend time with their mentors. But ask about friends. Then ask about weekend activities. Or involvement in anything other than attending school. For too many Kids Hope USA students, the brightness will diminish.

Unfortunately, we’ve all seen students who don’t complete work, or who don’t seem to want to try anything new. Who appear hesitant or afraid. Or who constantly say “I can’t.”

With each passing year, schoolwork grows harder. Too often, these kids receive labels like “unmotivated,” “uninterested,” or even “lazy.”

But could it be, that such a student actually just lacks confidence?

For mentors unsure about their students’ confidence levels, ask the teachers. They know which students have confidence and which ones need more.

To determine how much (or little) confidence your student possesses, complete the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale provided in the Confidence Series. Here’s an idea from experience with my mentee, have both of you answer the questions so that you’re working/talking together—and the exercise doesn’t feel like you’re giving a quiz.

The result will amaze you. No, I’m not talking about the Rosenberg score. Instead, expect to have engaging conversations about the “why” behind each of the assessment answers you both provide. Possibly multiple weeks of high value, life changing discussions.

It’s simple to do and yet profound; every mentor can help a student build confidence. Every kids needs it. Ours need it even more than most.

To learn how to access The Confidence Series for your mentors, contact your regional team at https://kidshopeusa.org/contact-us/ 

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