A Case for Confidence Part 4

Confidence serves as a key motivator and catalyst in life. Learning and growing require a willingness to take steps forward, to take a chance, to stretch. As child psychologist Dr. Emilie DeYoung says, “Confidence enables a student to move through circumstances in order to thrive in life.”

Yes, every kid needs confidence. However, Kids Hope USA students need even more.

What about you?

What role did self-confidence play in you when you were a student? When have you ever lacked it—and regretted it later? What specific instances come to mind that played a positive role in you developing confidence?

When you develop personal conviction about the need for confidence, and how it worked for you, then you will own a deeper commitment to help your student develop his or her own confidence too.

A big difference exists between a confident demeanor and a prideful one, by the way. Kids with self-assurance easily talk about other students, teachers, and even you. Those with humility issues will over-focus on themselves—which can stem from low self-confidence. Watch and listen for clues that will help you help your student.

“I’m not sure why, but I noticed that Darren seems more confident as he interacts with other students and teachers,” said a guidance counselor. “He even volunteers now for the news team.”

Darren and his mentor started their school year with the Confidence Series’ self-assessment—and had several rich follow up conversations as a result.

It works. Your student needs it. You can do it. Have confidence in the materials.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Self-trust is the first secret of success.” His wisdom applies to your student. And it applies to you.

The Confidence Series is simple to do and yet profound; every mentor can help a student build confidence. Every kids needs it. Ours need it even more than most.

To learn how to access The Confidence Series for your mentors, contact your regional team at https://kidshopeusa.org/contact-us/ 

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