Mentor Perspectives: Beginning with Excitement (and Nerves)   

A Kids Hope USA mentor perspective

Written by a Kids Hope USA mentor beginning her first year of mentoring   

Mentoring Day 1  

It was a Wednesday. The first day that I’d meet my Kids Hope USA student. 

I’d been waiting for this day for a while. As someone who loves to learn and know details ahead of time, I learned more about the transformative impact of a Kids Hope USA program. I read quotes by everyone from students to principals to mentors to parents and was amazed at the statistics of how this program does make a difference. Now, I felt excited. Excited to be part of a mission that walks alongside students, encouraging and empowering them to be their best.  

But that excitement also didn’t make my nervousness disappear.  

Nervous because I hadn’t done this sort of thing in a while. Nervous that my student, Anna, wouldn’t want anything to do with me. Nervous that I’m not equipped enough and that there are so many more qualified people who probably do a much better job than me.  

But then I remembered what I heard repeated in mentor training: it’s about showing up.  

When I signed up to become a mentor, the program director knew I wasn’t a teacher. I wasn’t a school counselor or worked in child psychology. But I did know one thing: that I would show up. I was passionate about helping kids and would live into that by showing up each and every week.  

So with just three hours to go until mentoring, I needed to humble myself, praying that God would take the lead and help me to be equipped to serve this 2nd grader I had yet to meet. I knew my prayer partner would be right there with me, praying for Anna, for our anticipated relationship, and for God to work through me to serve this little girl.  

Mentoring Day 2  

Today, week two, I approach mentoring with much less nervousness and much more excitement. Last week was such a thrill. My student, Anna, is amazing and so fun to spend time with. Our hour together seems to fly by. God truly blessed me with a great first mentoring day, better than I could have imagined.  

Today, I step into the halls of the elementary school with a little bit more confidence, even though I’m still learning the routine. I recognize her face when Anna walks into the office to head to the library together. I know some of her interests and ways to make her laugh.  

And as I look ahead to the school year, I’m so excited. I can’t wait to learn more about Anna and to discover ways to continue to encourage, support, and empower her. I know not every day will be perfect; everyone, including 2nd graders can have off days. But I know I’m committed. To Anna, to this school year, to showing up each week to hang out with a really special little girl.  

Lord, equip me with perseverance, wisdom and the words to say as I meet with Anna each week. Use me to show your light to Anna so that she may be the best version of herself.  

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