Are You READY? – Week 1

Kids Hope USA wants to know: Are you READY?


For the next five weeks, Kids Hope USA is preparing our current program directors to be READY for the 2019-2020 school year. During July 22-26, let’s Reach out to your school, church leadership, and current volunteers to gear up for the new year.


Three things are IMPERATIVE to success in every Kids Hope USA program:

  1. Involving your church leadership
  2. Maintain a relationship with the school
  3. Retaining volunteers


As the Kids Hope USA director, these three relationships – church, school, and volunteers – should be the first thing that you focus on when thinking about launching well. Without these key relationships in place, your Kids Hope USA program will not succeed. In this week’s director email, you will find key resources in connecting with your church, your school, and your volunteers. Be sure to check out those resources on your director portal.


In the next few weeks, you will discover how to be READY for 2019-2020:


E – Encourage your current volunteers to invite one person to join the KHUSA team at your church

A – Announce how many students you want to reach this year

D – Devote time in prayer for your school, church, volunteers, and students

Y – You and your volunteers will make a life-change in the lives of the students you serve


Directors: make sure you are checking your emails, following KHUSA on Facebook, and checking your director portal weekly!


And don’t forget, your Regional Team is waiting to hear from you. Connect with them to ask questions or find out more about Kids Hope USA.

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