Keep Halloween Safe for Children

Children are eagerly awaiting the chance to go out door to door and collects tons of candy. Here are some tips that mentors can TEACH to their kids so they will be safe as they head out to trick or treat…..don’t assume children already know this info.
1- Add reflective tape to costumes ( Mentors will most likley need to provide this for their child)
2- Masks make it hard to see–try a hat instead
3- Avoid sharp and dangerous weapons
4- Use a flashlight
5- Stay with a buddy or a group
6- Only go to homes with a porch light on
7- Stay on the sidewalk or hug the curb. Walk facing traffic.
8- Never cut across yards
9-Do not go in to a stranger’s house or car for a treat
10- Eat only wrapped candy
11- Cross the street with a group of people or at a crosswalk

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