Make Math Fun!

Drilling math facts is important for ALL ages, but it does not have to be boring. First and Second Grade students can pratice their addition and subtraction facts, while third through fifth graders can add multiplication and division to their list. Whatever facts you are practicing, jazz up drill time with a few of these ideas….
1. Let students write on a white board with bright color markers
2. Clap as you say the problem- snap as you say the answer
3. Build up some confidence by starting easy and then work up
4. Whatever day of the month it is, ask your child to answer that many math facts correctly ( i.e., if it is November 6, complete
six flashcards)
5. Let your child quiz you…let them correct your work when you have
finished. Make sure you get a few wrong to see if they notice. Give them
a grading pen and stickers to make it more exciting!

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