You’ve Got a Friend in Me

Jacob & Skylar-Jay became friends three years ago; Skylar-Jay was starting kindergarten and Jacob was leaning into a pull from God to serve as a Kids Hope USA mentor through his church, College Wesleyan. Little did they know that three years later, they would still be great friends!

Skylar-Jay was referred to Kids Hope USA because he simply, “needed a buddy.” Not sure what to expect but willing to give it a shot, Jacob became that buddy. And this summer when Jacob asked Skylar-Jay what having a Kids Hope USA mentor means to him, he said “Having a mentor means making a friend.” An 8-year old boy, understanding with such clarity, that his time with Jacob is something special for both of them. They love to play Connect Four, run around the playground, and just spend time together.

When COVID-19 hit and in-person mentoring ceased, Jacob and Skylar-Jay really missed each other. Jacob reached out to Skylar-Jay’s mom and asked her permission to connect with him. For the rest of the summer and into this fall, Jacob and Skylar-Jay have connected over the phone and spent some much needed time together. Skylar-Jay’s mom saw the importance of Jacob’s mentoring even more than Jacob did. He needed a role model and he needed a friend. “Having a mentor for my son has been the best thing for him. It’s helped him have confidence and know that people other than family can show they care about you.”

In July, Jacob asked Skylar-Jay what he’d like to share about the last three years they’ve spent together. Without missing a beat, Skylar-Jay simply said, “I just want to say, I’ve always liked being with you.”

”Same bud, I’ve enjoyed it a lot.”

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