20 Reasons Kids Hope USA Directors are GREAT!

Kids Hope USA Directors are great because…


1. They develop caring relationships with staff at schools; teachers, principals, secretaries, counselors and custodians, they love everyone in schools!

2. They seek to help their partner school in any way; they plan parties, coat drives, food drives, and bring in treats for the teachers.

3. They empower, encourage, and support mentors and prayer partners.

4. They keep track of a lot of paperwork that no one sees (seriously, we created it all so we know how much)!

5. They are under-appreciated, over-worked, and filled with joy every time a student makes progress; they have ginormous hearts.

6. They share Kids Hope USA with other churches; spreading the word so that more children will have caring adults in their lives.

7. They wear many hats: encourager, friend, supporter, communicator, leader, counselor, mediator, and student expert.

8. They prayerfully match the perfect mentor with the perfect mentee.

9. They take time to train and equip mentors to feel ready and excited to start meeting with their student.

10. They are an advocate and the voice of vulnerable children and families to their churches.

11. They are a “first-responder” to the school, counselor, and principal when there is an urgent need.

12. They are creative problem-solvers.

13. They help others walk through sad and challenging situations, sharing hope.

14. They are idea-generators. Need a game for your mentoring hour? A party for your graduating fifth-graders? A way to practice academics in a fun way? They’ve got it!

15. They give that much-needed, little extra boost.

16. They connect people from different cultures and backgrounds.

17. They help others thrive in their relationships.

18. They are positive role models to the kids in their programs.

19. They know every student by name.

20. They change the world every time they recruit a mentor and prayer partner.

21. Bonus item: They rarely receive thanks, so thank you!

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  1. Our directors are a huge help to us tutors..They teach us how to work with our child, they do trouble-shooting, and keep us well supplied with resources. They bless us and the children.

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