20 Reasons Pastors are GREAT!

Pastors are great because…

20ReasonsPastors1. They put action behind their words and live out what they believe.

2. They cast vision and invite you to become a part of something greater than yourself.

3. They are great communicators.

4. They empower others to use their gifts and talents in meaningful and effective ways.

5. They invest in people and relationships that change the world.

6. They are courageous leaders drawing our attention away from the material things of this world and pointing us to the needs of others.

7. They are willing to challenge us when we’re not on the right track and encourage us to get to a healthier place.

8. They help make dreams become realities.

9. They equip people to reach out to those in need.

10. They speak wisdom into our lives that keep us from destruction and help us live in harmony with one another.

11. They are role models for those in their communities.

12. They intercede in situations where mediators are needed, but where most do not want to intervene.

13. They bring light into dark circumstances.

14. They are often judged and criticized; yet continue to serve with grateful hearts.

15. They are able to bring large groups of people together to make an even larger impact on our needing world.

16. They love those who seem unlovable to the rest of the world.

17. They are constantly in prayer for their personal community and the nation.

18. They provide comfort and counsel in difficult times – deaths, transitions, or when we face big questions.

19. They shape who we are in a positive way.

20. They help us celebrate. From the little moments to some of the most important decisions in our lives, they pray blessings over us.

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