20 Reasons School Secretaries are GREAT!

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School Secretaries are great because…


1. They are able to take a chaotic situation and provide calming solutions with the urgency that the situation may require.

2. They know everything! If you ever need an answer to a question, a school secretary will either know the answer off the top of his/her head or be able to find it for you very quickly.

3. They are first-responders. They care for sick children when they are the most vulnerable at school, and do so with grace and knowledge.

4. They where many hats. They handle everything from top executive meetings, to being excited about a kid who just lost their first tooth.

5. They are encouraging people. They support the teachers in the building in every aspect and keep the school running smoothly.

6. They make things easier. They help make copies when needed and also develop processes that help everyone stay on the same page.

7. They. Are. Organized. Not in a small sense, but in a, “I’ll make your life easier and know exactly where to find it” sense.

8. They are great communicators.

9. They are welcoming. Their friendly smile and their greeting always make someone’s day a little brighter.

10. They believe in the school mission. They are the school’s biggest cheerleaders and supporters.

11. They are the ultimate multi-taskers. They can gather attendance reports, answer the phone, and answer a parent’s questions – I’ve seen them in action.

12. They actively listen; to students, to teachers, and to principals.

13. They are solution finders. When presented with issues, they find ways to find solutions – some might not be the most conventional solutions, but they always work.

14. They connect people; bus drivers, custodians, kitchen staff, librarians, and parents.

15. They know everybody in the building by name.

16. They are great at scheduling events. They know when each group is meeting, in which room and who is supposed to be there.

17. They always have a secret stash of candy/goodies they are willing to share.

18. They are dependable. They are always there when you need them – or something.

19. They are the gate-keepers. They keep you safe as they watch the door for who comes and goes at the school.

20. They keep secrets and spread joy. They help surprise and bring joy to many birthdays, anniversaries, and special celebrations.


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