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Shelly Hochstetler, Kids Hope USA Director for First Baptist Church shares her inspiration below for the  M & M Feeling Game and M & M Anger Game.

“I was inspired by the breakout session that I attended on the power of relationships at the IL RegionM_and_M_Feeling_Gameal Conference, and I was looking for some new ideas on talking to kids about their feelings, and I came across these ideas, The M and M Feeling Game, and the M and M Anger Game.  I am going to laminate them and put them on our mentor shelf at Jefferson School.  I am attaching copies of these if you would want to share them with any other mentors.

I used the bag of m & m’s that we were given out at the workshops Feb. 21, and used it to ask quM_and_M_Anger_Gameestions the way that Dave Staal, KHUSA President did with his mentee.  I was surprised how well this worked.  I have been with my mentee for 3 years and I learned things about her that I didn’t know, and she asked me some great questions too.

Thank you for having this regional gathering.  It was just what I needed for some new ideas and encouragement.  The only thing I think would have made it better is if we had a whole day of workshops.”

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      I’ll share your email with our program support coordinator and they will contact you!
      Theresa Casey, Kids Hope USA

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