A Forever Friendship

Written by Aidan’s mom, Jane

Aidan, my bright and happy boy, began meeting with his Kids Hope USA mentor, Miss Stacie, in the fall of 1st grade. They met every Wednesday, and that day quickly became his, and my, favorite day of the week. I had a continued and overwhelming sense of peace and happiness, especially on those days. From 1st grade all the way through middle school, my son Aidan met with Miss Stacie for one hour, each week. She became a trusted friend, his second mom, and one of his biggest cheerleaders.

When we would get ready for school on Wednesdays, Aidan would always say with excitement, “It’s a Miss Stacie day!” He looked forward to those meetings every week and was so grateful that they had 8 incredible years together.

Many life lessons emerged from their relationship, and they became philosophies our family has adopted as Aidan lives out this next chapter of his life. We received so many blessings because of Aidan and Miss Stacie’s friendship, but here are our top 10:

Having Miss Stacie invest her whole heart into her relationship with Aidan has shown him the importance of investing in others. It has helped to shape him into a kind and caring young man who values relationships and cares about others.

Aidan’s joy became my joy. His excitement was contagious. And Wednesdays will always be a special day.

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