Are You READY?

July is in full swing and SUMMER is the name of the game. Unless you are partnered with a year-round school, most of our school partners are out for the month and VBS is on the mind of every church – either resting from or preparing for!


So, Kids Hope USA wants to know: Are you READY?


It’s just a few weeks before the kids head back to school and the smell pencil shavings is in the air. What you do NOW as the Kids Hope USA director can set up your program for greater success and a smoother launch.


Here’s how you can be READY:


R – Reach out to your school, church leadership, and current volunteers to gear up for the new year

E – Encourage your current volunteers to invite one person to join the KHUSA team at your church

A – Announce how many students you want to reach this year

D – Devote time in prayer for your school, church, volunteers, and students

Y – You and your volunteers will make a life-change in the lives of the students you serve


In the next 5 weeks, Kids Hope USA will be giving local program directors the resources and encouragement needed to be READY for the 2019-2020 school year. Directors: make sure you are checking your emails, following KHUSA on Facebook, and checking your director portal weekly!


And don’t forget, your Regional Team is waiting to hear from you. Connect with them to ask questions or find out more about Kids Hope USA so you can be READY to make a difference in the life of a child this year.

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