Ideas for mentoring

M and M Games

Shelly Hochstetler, Kids Hope USA Director for First Baptist Church shares her inspiration below for the  M & M Feeling Game and M & M Anger Game. “I was inspired by the breakout session that I attended on the power of relationships at the IL Regional Conference, and I was looking for some new ideas on talking …

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BINGO with a ZING!

Celebrate National Reading Month by playing Zingo! This innovative game encourages pre-readers & early readers alike to match the pictures & words on their challenge cards with the tiles revealed in the Zingo! The first player with a full card wins the game by yelling “Zingo!”. Two levels of play & several game variations.  

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Connect with your student and with the great outdoors on a Nature Scavenger Hunt this month during your mentoring hour! Here are two different options for you to try…. For younger students, click here… For older students, click here…  


I have heard from many mentors that Connect Four is one of their favorite games to play with their students. Well, if you like that game here is a similar one to try…TOOT and OTTO! This is a simple game from THINKFUN where the challenge is to spell out either TOOT or OTTO before your …

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Journal Together!

There is always something to learn about your mentee, and these journals help make it easier!  As you work on these pages together, your relationship will continue to grow. There are three journal options, depending on how long you and your student have been together. Happy Mentoring! Journal Year 1 Journal Year 2 Journal …

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