Ideas for mentoring

Eat Some Skittles and Get to Know Your Mentee!

As you share some Skittles with your child, ask  them to answer the question that corresponds with each candy color. Your child will enjoy the small treat AND this is an easy way to learn a few things about your mentee’s life!   Click on this link for the activity:

Are you a GOOD FRIEND?

In this simple activity, you and your mentee can explore the qualities of a good friend. Refer back to this resource throughout the year if your child experiences any trouble with his/her friends. Click on this link for the GOOD FRIEND activity sheet:

Back to School Mad Lib

MAD LIBS are a fun way to sneak in some writing practice during the mentoring hour. Here’s one that you can use with your KHUSA student as you get things rolling this new school year! Click on the following link for this activity:    

Flash Card Match

Flash cards work well for a homemade matching game. Create a set of answer cards to go with the flash cards. Students match the answer cards with the corresponding flash cards. You can also play this game like the classic Memory or Concentration game. The cards are turned upside-down, with the players taking turns flipping …

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Jelly Bean Graph

Eat jelly beans and learn about math at the same time with this fun activity!  Graphing is a skill that all elementary students are expected to know, and this is a fun way to practice! Click on the following link to download a copy of this activity

UNO FLIP TEN GAME Game Objective: Practice adding two numbers to make 10 with this game that is played like MEMORY with UNO cards. How to play:  Line up UNO cards in four rows of five, only using the number cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8. Set aside the remaining 2-8 cards to …

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