Fall Fun

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE fall. The colors in Michigan are simply beautiful right now, but sometimes I get so busy and so preoccupied that I forget to take the time to just LOOK and ENJOY! Take some time this month to look at and enjoy fall with your child…each time that you go to mentor take a picture of them by the same tree. As the weeks progress, talk about the changes you see happening in that tree. This may lead in to a great discussion on the entire subject of CHANGE….while it will be easy to spot the change in the tree, how is the student changing? Encourage them that they are changing every week when they listen to their teachers, show kindness to their classmates, or read a new book.
For those of you who do not have permission yet to take photos of students, let the child draw the same tree each week over the next month. Save all these pictures in to a book and add words together.
And, since we are a national program, I recognize that some of you do not get to enjoy the fall season like I do! If you still want to talk about fall with your child, a good read for lower elementary students is We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt, by Steve Metzger. And, be sure to take time to find something else to just look at and enjoy this week!

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