Going Beyond the Mentoring Hour

One of the most important things we can do is create a strong and lasting bond with students. It is so significant and powerful to see relationships grow outside of school. Doing something fun and memorable that breaks the routine helps everyone connect. Mentors in Corpus Christi, Texas will be doing that at the beginning of the holiday season this year.

In November over 60 KHUSA students get to spend a night of fun with their families and mentors at Fun Trackers Family Fun Park. Kids Hope Directors Debbie and Robin work hard to coordinate this phenomenal event. They do all they can to make the evening an amazing time full of fun and games. Partnering with three other churches, there are students from six schools attending. It is wonderful to see relationships grow deeper because of their time together.

For two hours students have unlimited access to the fun park and then get all the hot chocolate and pizza they can eat. The event creates a tremendous bonding experience for mentors, students, and families to play together, eat together, laugh together, and talk together. It opens new doors for relationships between mentors and family members that normally wouldn’t happen.

Parents get a chance to get to know mentors and mentors can spend time just playing and having fun with students. Last year it was the best attended KHUSA event that Yorktown Baptist Church organized and its success sparked the interest of schools and churches now wanting to partner with Kids Hope.

At last year’s event a dad of one of the students just lost his job. He connected with some of the mentors who helped introduce him to a small business owner from Yorktown Baptist Church. After a few people joined together to help meet the family’s immediate needs, he was offered a job with that business owner and the family was back on their feet again by Christmas. It’s such a gift to see that whole families are changed by this night of fun.

Debbie and Robin’s dedication and passion to organize this fun party is so inspiring and empowering that other churches and schools are looking to join KHUSA. It’s amazing to see the mission to help kids grow even more.


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