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Help for Hurting Children

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IMG_2967When your child is struggling with heavy issues, it can be hard knowing how to help them in the mentoring hour. Here are some tips that may help.

  • As a mentor your role is to build a safe, consistent, affirming relationship with the child—not solve or fix dilemmas.  (When a crisis moment arises people in a helping role often feel like they have to overextend and be something more than what they are, and the simple truth is that they just need to be themselves and maintain a safe affirming environment for the hurting person—that alone is doing A LOT!)
  • Help your student by providing some light-hearted activities that are just plain fun.  Help the little child be a little child and have a good time with that.
  • Be sure that you involve your prayer partner in these situations.  Fill them in on what is happening and encourage them to send some more “knee mail” heavenward.
  • Realize the vital role of being consistently there for the child and being a safe and powerful influence in their life.


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