The Impact of Giving

As our Giving Series continues, we want to focus on the impact of a gift. We know that a donation can translate into life-changing relationship; we know that a gift can change the life of a child and that’s no small change. So, let’s continue.

Every year we hear testimonies and success stories that share the impact of a Kids Hope USA mentor. Often times, these stories come at the end of the school year when teachers and principals are sharing the growth and transformation of students that faced great difficulty and challenges at the beginning of the year. The most common theme we hear in these stories can be summed up in just two words: MORE CONFIDENCE.

Don’t just take our word for it though; read these:

“One of the most positive outcomes we have observed as a result of Kids Hope USA mentors is the confidence that our students have gained in themselves. Confidence in self provides limitless opportunities of success for an individual. A confident student has a more positive sense of self, the belief that he or she has the potential to achieve higher academically, and the desire to establish him or herself as a contributing member of this community.  The service and positive outcomes that Kids Hope USA affords our students is immeasurable and we are grateful for their support.”  

Marti Neahring, Director of Student Services, West Aurora School District 129

 Reading those words cements in us the reality that mentors and mentees are truly engaging in life-changing relationships. Time spent together does more than just increase academic potential and expand social skills; time spent together establishes a foundation of confidence and sets students up for success in life and sets them on a path for a bright and exciting future.

To our donors, we want you to know that your gift matters. When you give to Kids Hope USA, you give to create an opportunity for a student to gain self-confidence that, without, would pose as a barrier to a bright and successful future. The impact of your gift does more than support Kids Hope USA, the impact of your gift supports a life.



Kara Nguyen
Director of Development

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