What’s the Value?

What does the word “value” mean? The regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something.

 At Kids Hope USA, we place high value on those who support our mission: our volunteer mentors, our prayer partners, our donors, and our team. We understand the importance of their role and how they impact each day at Kids Hope USA.

When it comes to our donors, we understand that their value goes far beyond the amount of their gift. While their gift can be quantified to a number, the value of that gift is translated into a life-changing relationship. Every time a gift is given to Kids Hope USA, it creates an opportunity for a mentor and a student to connect and engage in meaningful friendship. Those connections are changing lives one at a time.

We want each of our donors to know how much we value them. We value your gift, but most importantly, we value you, because you value our kids.


With Gratitude,

Kara Nguyen
Director of Development


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